I don't have any special products (no Wonder Wipes etc.) but I have a cloth that I wipe my glasses with and a wool cloth. How do I get all the fingerprints and grime off of my guitar. It just gets spread out even more. Will Windex work? What about those wipes for cleaning your hands?
Thanks guys
Hey bro..Just get some rag or what ever..And some GOOD furniture polish.Relax your strings a bit.. and get them out of the way...Then spray some of the furniture polish on your fretboard,and rub with rag til they come off..Same goes with Your gutiar body but be careful some rags/material Will scratch the **** out of if..Good luck
Don't use your wool cloth -- that'll scratch your finish. Get a microfiber rag or you can use an old cotton t-shirt. Wipe it down well every time after you play (including your strings) and get some good guitar polish at your local shop to give it a good shining once a month or so. For your fretboard, you can use a little bit of lemon oil to clean/condition -- but also not too often. You don't want a saturated fretboard.