ive been been playing bass for two years now but only recently abut a month ago started slapping
anyone know any good songs to practise with?
Probably Primus.
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Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz is pretty simple, try that out.
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primus - shake hands with beef

easy and fun
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Must if they break for me, better sounds come from the way you play more-so than the strings.

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>hen I said 'must', i meant just.

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I think we've realised I can't type by now...
best song i know to improve slap endurance is: Get Up and Jump by RHCP.
you really feel the burn in your right shoulder after like 20-30sec

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Play that funky music. I know that's not actually bass, but it sounds pretty sweet if you play it like this:

S=Slap ----------------p9-p7-p9---------p7-h9------
P=Pop ----------------------------p7-h9--------------
H=Hammer ----------s7-s7---------------------------------

That might not be very clear... Especially because the spacings are messed up.
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