so i am looking for a decent multitrack recorder.

i had the Fostex MR-16HD in mind

i am looking for one with at least 4 Mic Inputs (8 would be better), but with a price range round $300-$600.

any suggestions?
You'll need a few condensers for overheads/vocals. But yeah, that shouldn't cost too much tbh. It all depends on how many mics you will want to record from simultaneously. If its only four, then look into the Fostex MR-8HD. Or as you already said, the MR-16HD. Im not too hot on US prices for things, but im sure they are both in your limit? Well, second hand anyway.

My only problem with the fostex's is that they do look a bit cheap. And i probably wouldn't feel like i spent my money well. Where as the Tascam DP02-CF is built like a tank, and has eq for each channel (where as the MR's dont...) but yeah, it greatly depends on how many tracks you want to record at one time.

EDIT : Just read your first post again. Well, the MR-8 has four XLR inputs, which should be enough (with some carefully placed microphones). I think there is a Korg that has 4 or 8 inputs. Its called the D8, and that looks pretty solid to.

If you just browse the internet, though, im sure loads will crop up.
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We've been looking at a Fostex MR8HD to record our 3 piece blues/rock band lately...

i have a guy in Atlanta who has done some sound work before, mostly post production work, he is pretty proficient in Cubase and has offered to mix our tracks if we can get them to him in .wav form.

my questions are this now and pertain to say the MR8HD.

If we take Shure sm57 and sm58 mics and mic the drums with 4 mics and record them on four separate tracks via a mixer first and then into the XLRs, can we then take those 4 separate tracks and instead of say bouncin' them to the other tracks, take them immediately to the computer into .wav format so he can mix them later?

The plan is to do that, THEN bounce them so we can record the guitar while playing back his drums, and then the bass, etc etc... but all the while exporting the individual .wavs to be mixed later in Cubase.

Does this sound like it will work, or is there a better way to do this? Thanks!
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Yeah that would work fine. You can upload the individual files (in .wav's) on to your computer via USB.

Like i said before - the MR8 is exactly what i need. Only it really does look like something out of poundland. Doesn't look too durable either tbh.