the fan on my computer tower keeps getting really loud every ten minutes or so for about 15 - 20 seconds.

it did this when i first got the computer a few years ago but back then it did it maybe once a month

does anyone know what causes it or if theres a way to fix it?

i guess it might be the fact that its old and full of porn and struggling to process stuff
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mine does that...sounds like its gonna take off
i think mine does it cos i had a more powerful power unit put in, and the standard fan cant cope with the extra heat produced....
try putting in a second fan, or, get a more powerful fan
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Which fan is it? The one in the PSU, a case fan or the one on top of your processor?
its probably just dirty and full of dust.
take a can of compressed air and use it to blow debris out of any ventilation holes, etc.
that should solve the problem
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erkk watch it with compressed air unless is specifically for computers it can contain static which will be a bad thing

More then likely the bearing in the fan has gone or is going, try a cheap £3 replacement. If it is dusty use a vacuum and just place it over the fan it should get rid of most of the crap
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Get a can of compressed air and clean the dust out.

I let mine build up, and they had to change the grahics card because the fan was completely broken after a while.
I agree with the dust thing. My old one used to get pretty hot after it got filled with dust.
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well there ya go
get rid of the porn

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Leave it on the clean channel next time.
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u want it to go into distortion? lol nah maybe it's really dusty. just last week i cleaned out my harddrive after 4 years and it was full of so much dust.
If cleaning it out doesn't work, then the bearings may be going bad. You might just need to put a new fan in there.