Hey, I recently bought a book of songs thinking it was in tab. Turns out it's regular sheet music, which I have no idea how to read. Doh. So I decided to turn my waste of 15 bucks into a positive. Can anyone recommend any books or sites that have good lessons on reading sheet music? Also, anyone know how long it will take me before I learn the basics and can manage to play music off of a sheet?
I'm also in the process of learning notation, it will take a long time to be fluent, what i did is i went on to google images and printed out a picture of a bass and treble clef with the notes and note names on. i stuck it on my wall next to my dime poster :P and read it everyday to get it stuck in my head, also youtube has very good lessons
I agree with nightraven, it does take time, try getting a simple tab book with the notation also, and masking tape up the tab part. it helps a load!
^yes thats a great site, also check out The Berklee Modern Method for Guitar Book, also comes with a DVD and is a great resource for learning to read sheet music and is specifically made for guitar
get a tab program like tux guitar or guitar pro and put the notes on the bar.


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