The Trews new album No time for later is amazing!! the first single hold me in your arms is one of the more rocking songs i have heard in a long time. there newest single paranoid freak is awesome as well! check them out here:

And check out upcomging shows on their facebook page:
the new album is by far their best work. The lyrics are intelligent, the melodies are as catchy and innovative as ever and the guitar work is amazing. I highly recommend this album to anyone really. The first single hold me in your arms is incredibly rocking with a 70's rock influence and the 2nd single, paranoid freak addresses the state of the world and how everyone is becoming paranoid, it sounds like nothing ive ever heard with a skittery piano part and a melodic chorus that you cant help but sing a long too. Also check out the songs Oceans End, Dark Highway and Man of Two Minds, all of which are honestly incredible. But dont hesitate to buy the entire album, there is no filler tracks. Each song has something new and different to encounter. check them out!