Genre: Metal/Hardcore

Out of: Mississauga/Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Band: Marc St. Laurent - Guitar
Graham Stirett - Guitar
Steven Sugrim - Bass
John Bernardo - Vocals
Jeff Moretta - Drums

A Sin For A Prayer is a five piece band that began with Marc and Graham moving to Mississauga from Dryden, Ontario to better their opportunities within the music industry. The project began slowly, but the two soon found Steve to fulfill the position of bass. From then on it was only a matter of time before Jeff heard the music being produced and was automatically hooked, and wanted in. John Bernardo is now the vocalist.


we have shirts for sale at our shows or through www.asinforaprayer.bigcartel.com

Leave Your Comments and let me know what you think of our performance.

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Dude...it freakin rocks, some pretty hardcore stuff man, who mixed that down? It sounds pretty brutal for a rough recording.
We recorded in the basement where we jam. We use a closet with some soundproofing for vocals and guitars. And then my guitarist does our mixing.
sound's nasty almost pro production. What do you use for soundproofing? We have a few ideas for our band, but styrofoam insulation is expensive, and we were retarded and wasted all money on equipment
As far as i remember, it appears to be i think blankets and egg cartons from a macdonalds i believe.
Awesome stuff, keep it up. Work on the clean vocals though.
Yea, that seems to be the one thing that quite a few people say. Don't know if it will help out all that much but our vocalist just quit smoking so it might help his clean stuff out a bit.
We should have some news about a crazy metal show were playing in january to replace one that got cancelled from dec 19th due to a local snowpocalypse. So check our myspace every once in while so that if your in the area you know when to attend.
we have now started the process of recording an ep, drums have been fully recorded. Keep yourselves updated to see when we finish this thing.

Also check the myspace for show dates. more keep getting added. so keep checking to see if were playing somewhere close to your area.
E.P. is finally fully recorded. Just some edits to be made, mixing and mastering and what not and its ready to be heard by the world. Its been a solid year besides all the bumps we've had to face with our e.p. But we've played some solid shows this past year and were ending off on a good note with our final show tomorrow with newly signed to roadrunner records baptized in blood. Its in Toronto. Keep yourselves posted on the e.p. release