Kinda electronic, lots of synths and that, drum machine, bass and guitar by me. It's "3 Notes", on my profile. Incidentally, it only uses three notes. Can you work out what they are?

C4C of course, just lave a link.

Thanks for listneing.
Well this is a testament to how a simple song can still be good. Three notes, and I fully expected it to get boring, but it didn't. The synths gave enough variation to hold my interest, and although this was more geared towards dance and trance than guitar you still had my head nodding to the beat. My beef was really with the mix, maybe adding a little o.d to the drums or making them sound a little less MIDI would have been good. Other than that, good stuff. The tone of the guitar/bass was good. The ending let it down a bit. I think it needs a more tight and sudden ending.

Your piece was very retro//modern. Im not use to the concept of synth stuff behind a prefabed song, so im used to judging a song written based on lyrics. That said i like what you did, piece is well played and had a good rythem. Needs lyrics. I feel they make or break a song.

Thanks for your crit, yeh that song is real long and same 4 chords =P. I am planning on doesn somethena bout that, i just improved how do do it from the lyrics i wrote 6 months ago.

later, Crashton
hey not bad.

I think the bass could be tighter with the slap and pops,
but other than that it was pretty tight all around!

this song has some definite rave potential ha,
If you could do this with 3 notes,
I say make a remix with more,
beef it up.

here's another piece o' mine,
it strays towards the blues rock feel.
check it,
and thanks for the crit!
Cool synth stuff, very upbeat, gives me that raver vibe. I like the lead in the background and there was some great popping on that bass. I hate electronic drums usually, but these really did piss me off too much, so kudos on that. I think its more the vibe of the song, very dance-y.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Cheers mate.

I liked the hi hat and snare, they had lots of punch. The toms and kick sounded a bit thin, hollow and quiet, and the snare could have been a bit louder, particularly as it's a nice sound.

The bass sounded a bit too warm and lacking in presence, but at the same time if it had stuck out too much it'd have not worked in the track, which I gather is supposed to be ambient.

The thing I liked most about this song was the bits over the rhythm, because they made me think "is this a synth or a guitar?", I like having being provoked to think about what I'm listening to.

There's lots of replayability in the tune, too, because I found loads of stuff I didn't notice the first time round. Lots of quiet parts that you really have to look out for.

Quote by BrianApocalypse

The thing I liked most about this song was the bits over the rhythm, because they made me think "is this a synth or a guitar?", I like having being provoked to think about what I'm listening to.

Some bits the synth and guitar played the same thing so I guess that would explain it. but yeh i get what you mean. You can get some interesting sounds mixing the two.
Thanks for the crit! I already kind of crit yours though (above) lol. But I'll listen again because of how much I enjoyed it last time.

On my second listen, I have to say that the drums really add alot to this song! Espc the snare and high hates.

My suggestion is the bass tone can be improved. Perhaps increase the mid a little bit so i can have a sting. This is especially noticed during the pops your doing. Sounds a bit muddy.

As far as the layout and organization. Superb! It kept me interested the whole time, and it had a driving force/movement. Something alot of songs lack.


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