There is a couple of A7X's songs I need help with. I need the tabs for A Little Piece of Heaven, ( if there's been more added) and I need help playing the chorus of Almost Easy. There's also a part of their MVI that Zacky was playing something and I described it in a blog but I need tabs for that. Also tabs for Zacky's rhythm part to Strength of the World. Thanks.
almost easy, tunehalf step down, drop d. its the 333 on dae. when he says almost go 3e 3a 5d then back to 333 when he says easy. then a few open dflat pm. and then 5 6 5 on same string. open dae the 333slide 555 then ack to 333. take a right on coffe street and your gettin close. get guitar world. its in there.