On the myspace player.

Done on a multitrack recorder, 'clicking' sound due to scratched CD.

Id just like any crits u guys have on the one song weve got up. Its simple yes, and levels are a bit messed cos of mixing through a tech 21 amp with EQ :P

Positive and negative crits if possible, we would like to know whether u liked it, what you liked about it or what you didint like about it and how it could be improved.
Speak your honest opinions and dont feel you have to hold back :P

It sounded like blink 182 or greenday with a worse singer. I didnt like it, i thought it was very boring using the same 4 or 5 power chords over and over with a little solo that didnt really impress me either. In saying that, i dont like greenday or blink 182 either so in that respect im not really the best person to ask.
Crit as listen. Recording quality is pretty good just the clicks are a bit annoying. lol Vocals are a bit nasaly and don't seem to fit with the song too much. They are a little too in front of the mix in my opinion. Solo seems a bit off key in places but cool way to end it and come back in. Not too bad overall. Simple was never a bad thing.

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