hi, im looking for opinions on the tone i get from my amps, i know the playing is piss poor but id realy like some opinons on the tone as i seem to spend more time trying to get a good tone than i do learning how to play
both videos are of the same thing to let someone hear the difference between these 2 amps




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Tone from the Jubilee is slightly brighter, which is nice... but they're both a little muddy, I have a suspicion it may be your pickups.

<idiot>Is it an epiphone LP you're using?</idiot>

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I'm not sure if those Alincos come stock, but if you've already switched the pickups out, it may be a simple fix.... just roll back the volume on your guitar to about 4-5.

Cleans it up a bit and removes a lot of mud..
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