Hi guys i'm kinda new but I put a tab for the song "How fast" By the solo artist "Promise of Redemption" (The singer of Valencia) and it got put as mis unsigned band =[. But he is signed by I surrender Records. Could anyone tell me how I can go about getting it as a band called Promise of Redemption instead of Misc Unsigned?


Did you get this message?

If "Promise of Redemption" band is really exist and not an unsigned band, please provide us with link to the official website of this band in your tab below and click on Submit Your Tab button again.

Provide us!
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Yes, But I put the url in the tab; Because I couldn't find any other place that it wanted me to "Provide" it at.
That message says:"Official Website of the band"

You posted:

It's not official website dude!It's myspace profile.
But don't worry!People will find your tab using the search bar.See!
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emad I'm gonna ban you, seriously.
What kind of site is legal to use so that I can "Prove" that he is signed and get a Promise of Redemption instead of misc unsigned. Even though he is the lead singer of Valencia lol.