Well I've been playing for about 4 months or so now and im actually starting to finally notice some of the limitations of my gear. so i was thinking of upgrading something but im not sure which would do me the most good.

Jackson JS30 (Dinky shape, no trem)
Mogami Neutrik Cable

Epiphone Les Paul Standard (maybe the plus if i can get the money)
Roland Cube60 amp (open to other suggestions, i just really like my microcube so i now like the idea of Roland amps)

I was also thinking of just getting an acoustic guitar cause ive been wanting one and was having a hard time figuring out whether to upgrade the guitar or amp first.

Any suggestions would help, thanks
If you're looking for tonal improvements, amp.

If you're looking for aesthetic/comfort/hardware improvements, guitar.

If you're gravitating away from electric, then acoustic.
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Always spend more on your amp than your guitar... it's 90% of your sound. Always upgrade that first... and considering you have a little mini amp, you'll probably want something bigger with more booming yoo-hoo (whatever that means)...

Both the Roland Cube amps and the Vox modelling amps are pretty good... steer clear of Line 6.
I agree, amp first. How much are you willing to spend?
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if your have only been playing for 4 months your gear is not your limitation. Technique probably has the biggest influence on tone they any instrument. I would spend the money on lessons.
it probably has some to do with my technique im sure. but right now im not too willing to take lessons.

i would be willing to sell my guitar and put up the difference for the Epi, i could probably onyly spend like 250-300 on the amp.

I may just get the acousitc. im not at all gravitating away from electric, but i do enjoy the acoustic sound sometimes. And i would probably buy the Yamaha FG730 and just use that as my acoustic for a LONG time, if i ever upgrade it. casue im more into electric.

oh by the way i really just play in my dorm room and no gigs or with any drums. sometimes (very rare) other guitars. so i figured the microcube was fine for that.
Whats the new I banez acoustic electric that is being released sounds almost like the best of both worlds.
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