i just picked up a digitech rp50 yesterday and i'm pretty happy with what it offers, i've found some neat effects that suit what i'm looking for.

however i need some help in making a custom setting.

i know how to, thats really simple, but i was wondering if anyone has created a custom setting them self that may already suit what i need.

i'm looking for a pretty standard overdive distortion, but the pedal does not produce that. I have gotten close by using only the amp model channel at i think R5. its not bad but i think i can do better.

does anyone know at better set of settings?

if it helps i'm trying to replicate the distortion heard on the song "A Tout Le Monde" by megadeth

if you don't know the song but maybe you can figure it out be ear heres a link to the video, the distortion comes in about 30 seconds i think. (the intro is clean)


try the S9

i dunno what you think...

bass 7 treble 6 and middle 1

or whatever but you could try the r9 or something
i use that pedal for the effects, i could never EVER get a good distortion out of it, the distortion always seemed to high, screaching, in a band way. I bought a line 6 uber metal for my distortion and use the rp 50 for the effects because i can edit them and its a simple pedal.