Ok, I have a Strat style guitar configured S-S-H with 1 volume and 1 tone knob. Now I want to disconnect the neck pickup, which I never use, so I can have a killswitch. How exactly do I disconnect the wires from the pickup?
Yes, I know, but I want the toggle-switch kind and I don't want to drill any holes or anything.
so what you could do (and keep the neck pickup) you could remove the neck pot, and install the killswitch...you will not have to drill any holes. All you need is a SPDT switch with 3 connections. Just connect a ground to the middle connection and a wire from the middle connection of the volume pot
I mean the neck pot is the first tone pot which is the middle one
I've only got 1 tone pot, which I want to keep.

And I decided that the easiest way for me to get a killswitch would be to just disconnect the neck pickup, I never ever use it anyway. So just how do I disconnect it?
ah ok. you disconnect it by removing the neck pickup wires. One wire is going to the switch and the other going to the back of the volume pot
How do I remove them? They seem to be quite securely attached to the switch and the pot.
Yes, don't let and wire core showing so it won't conduct with other metal parts
If I just cut the wire where it connects to the pickup would it work?
if you just cut the wires it will work. Where you cut does not matter
you have to attach the hot from the pickup to the ground, otherwise it'll hum. but that's all you need to do.
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