I remember seeing a thread on this quite a while ago, but couldnt find it when searching. Its a video of some ridiculous 80s hair metal band and the guitarist has a four necked guitar. I'm in for a laugh today does anyone have a link?
its michael angelo batio from nitro
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I do believe so. I think heard it on TV once upon a time.

Edit: Wait, what the fuck was I watching on TV that had to do with ass hair?

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ndogg, is actually a kitty

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thanks ndogg.


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I applaud thee.
Hm, have you tried searching for quadruple neck or quad neck?

why the hell would you need 4 necks anyway, lol? must be a strain on the back too.
is zis what you ar lukin fo me wee lad???(joker) kool solo, sick guitar keep on rockin/!!!~

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5 > 4

I want that guitar
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5 > 4

How could you even play that?
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Pfft, give me a strat instead.

a 5 neck strat?
<Omri> I love trannys too..
Looks like its really cheep and could fall apart any time.
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How about 5 single neck strats?


One in standard, one drop D, one DADGAD, one open G, and one just tuned to some random notes so I can experiment with atonal music for a bit.
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Looks like its really cheep and could fall apart any time.

isnt that the point?

its cheap


its a trick?

boom! there you go