my clanmate, in counter-strike, band's released their first album. I want to play their stuff and tab it out, but I am not sure where to start. I haven't be playing guitar long at all (2months) and I though maybe this would be a good exercise in ear training or something. Their stuff sounds pretty easy.


some guidance would be nice.

the guitarist is not in the clan and super busy and the bass player (clanmate) is super busy and in school.
that dude is just being a jerk, anyways, im not so great at learning songs by ear myself
what you should do is
1: watch them play,
by doing that you can get an idea of what tuning they are in as that would be a major piece of it, see if they are playing power chords like
D 5 or 5
A 5 5
E 3 5

if they are played the first way 355, then you can assume possibly they are in standard tuning most likely, if it is played lkie 555 then they could be drop D= DADGBE, half a step down= Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb, full step down= DGCFAD, drop C= CGCFAD, or Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb, these are the most common tunings for the most part... however seeing that they are pop, i doubt they are using some of those, most likely standard or drop D maybe half step down i dunno. but anyways, so figure out the tuning, then when you figure that out, I would just try to play along if the note sounds higher just keep playing higher on the frets until you can match the sound, once you can grasp the feel of it, it will come more easily and you will be able to just go " oh that sounds about up here", and then you will just use trial and error a few times to figure it out... anyways if you knew all of this already my bad but also you can PM me if u want more help or have more specific questions,im willing to help =)
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Hey man, kudos on trying to learn by ear. Not enough guitarists have the patience or desire to do this. I think it's the best way to go about learning the instrument.

I would recommend getting some slowdown software. This will slow the music down and make it super easy to pick out the notes. Do a google search for slowdown software. Riffmaster Pro, Slowgold and The Amazing Slowdowner are three programs that are good. They are all about $50 though.

Windows Media Player has a slow down feature too, but it lacks some of the bells and whistles. But the price is right...(free)

Finally, check out the link in my sig for a good ebook on learning by ear.

Hope this helped...