well, i got up £500 to spend on a new guitar..
i was thinking of either a Jackson RR3 or a DXMG

but i wanna try out a ESP, anyone know any good ESP's for about £500, if there are any?

i mostly play metal, with the occasional soft rock.

i've got a Vox AD50VT and a Boss Metal-core dist. pedal
ESP LTD V-200 or ESP LTD EX-260 look quite cool
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Im not sure how many pounds this is, but the ESP LTD EC-1000 is $800 US dollars, and its really nice.

the ESP LTD V-200/EC-1000 look amazing, especially the EC-1000.

only down thing is there isn't a Floyd rose, there any ESP guitars with a Floyd Rose?
Look up all the ESP LTD Kirk Hammett signitures, those have floyd roses. Theres also the ESP LTD MH 400 which i was looking into myself, as well as the Alexi Laiho series.

Dude, check out the EC series.
Also, maybe some of Kirk Hammetts series, although you'd be paying more for the name.