I installed power tab, and then i downloaded a tab off of this website, when i click open it says, something about creating an association for it. so then i clicked on the powertab and had it open with powertab librarian and it just does noting now. How do i get the tab to work?
you might have clicked on the wrong thing to open it with
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try right clicking the file going: Open with and click on Powertab.
Maybe you need a newer version version of it to use the tab or something could be another reason.
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this happens to me depending where i get them from. try this mate,

when you download a tab save it in your documents file then right click on it and extract all. then move the extracted file to the power tab folder. open power tab and then click the tab you want.

works for me mate
If it doesn't open it after the above advice, download a tab from UG, right click on it and chose 'properties'. After that, next to 'open with' click change and find powertab on the list, then click ok or apply and it should work.

If none of the solutions posted in here work, please ask in the stickied powertab help thread.
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