How many are there you know of?

If you know any bass wah (not autowah, wahs with a rocker pedal) tell me, i don't care if they are bad or anything, just name them, so i can get a broad overview


dunlop GBC-105. its pretty sexy white like

behringer do a one you can use with bass and guitar but its a bit meh.
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There's a Dunlop one, it's white, I think it's called the 105Q.

You can use the Ibanez weeping demon & Dunlop 535Q/Dimebag sig wahs for bass because they have a frequency switch doohicky.
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The only one I've tried is the Morley Dual Bass Wah. I'll write a full description of it later, but basically the reason I didn't buy one is the way it switches off with an audible click when you put the pedal all the way back. It's very difficult to avoid doing that but still use the widest sweep you can.
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