two questions.
1. so yea, superstar mode, middle linebacker, amazing stats in everything, surpassed the sacks per season count (the game stops counting when you get to 63 sacks in one season ) and an all round great athete, played with him for 5 seasons. here my question, when will i get into hall of fame, should i wait until my name is on the "which active players will eventually make it into hall of fame?" poll, or just retire at the end of say, my 6th season?

2. i started with an SS, but i dont know how to get him more involved in the game, if i move into the QB vision area, where the QB is looking, he will see i am there, and just throw to the other side of the pitch, so ultimately, i have 0 picks in about 5 games at the moment. so how can i get him more involved?

thanks in advance.