I have a choice between getting 3 different guitars. i could get a--

jackson king v,
jackson dk2m,
or a jackson dkmg with emg pickups.
I play mainly shred metal and shred rock, with some neoclassical too. either way, im going to test them all and decide for myself but id like to hear u.g.'s input.
and yes, i love jacksons.
wat u think?
Jackson's are great, and worth the money. I'd go for the King V, mostly because that's my dream guitar, but also I love EMG's. Sooo... one of those two probably.
For shred and neoclassical a high output humbucker (passive) would do a much better job as you can still get your cleans right.

I'd personally go for the DK2M in snow white and switch to some decent (not sure on the stock pickups, I assume they're duncan designed) Seymour Duncans or DiMarzios (maybe bareknuckles if you're rich )

Or the King V, the only difference between these guitars is the fretboard wood and shape.
(if you're talkin' abotu the KV2 (I think I'm not 100% clued up on Jackson))