heres a questions for all you writers out there...

as a guitarist i can come up with some good riffs...i've put a couple tunes down (i've got an older version of cakewalk guitar trax at home) and done a few songs...

heres the tough part...i can't seem to get myself to be able to write words for any of them...i guess i've got writers block

how do you all get in the mood to write, or convince yourself to write?
IMO, I don't think you can make yourself write. The music or something in the outside world will give you inspiration. Play through it, and write down how it makes you feel.
i never write a song because i want to, i have to. i have to find a pen and pad before the thought leaves my mind. its really kinda strange, i often wonder where it comes from. but to answer your Q. for me the words usually come first. once i get that down the music just seems to fall into place. words are what make a song, music is just a way to compliment your words.
I say just write every day, as much as you can, no matter how bad it is.
Try going to the lyric game thread and posting one a day or so just to make you think about how the words fit. Doesn't have to be good. I find that if I write non-stop at some point I come across some inspiration for something good.
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