I've been reading a few and decided to post an old one of mine to see what people thought about it.
It hasn't really been retouched and is a bit long
so here's my first one up.

Like In A Church

Like in a church,
echos flow through the thickness of air
Breaking dispair
clutching her hair
Smelling the selfish dish of a poor fish brought foward through the ultimate wish
Cant stand the wait,
words hitting me in the face
i burrow under the logic of conveniance and lock in my voice with and electric fence
The sit and force fed vocabulary can let your mind escape to an area more kind
Out of the borders of life

Pulsating breaths from a tall stature keeps us all listening in awe
As me and a few others saw subjective realms that I was never taught
You know my brain waves sustain the **** you evoke but makes me choke
grasping the seat,
I was tearing my tight coat
Freeing my chest
next thing I know I'm leaning to confess
I wanna leave you, I must
Glazed by the sight of a statue,
I know its you
Brought home a replica,
placed it on my computa
you watch what I type,
beliving the reading think I'm crazy beliving
Everything you know is what you believe in
understand the message and not the text
your loosing it
cant connect,
ready seth? go
you know it can happen if you just go by the book
end up dead with a shock,
thats "cheek" ****,
watch the chick
overpower the way it should be,
controle the stock market party
roll back the tape, end up where?
few years back in a parking lot absent of cars
absent of sun,
absent of me,
freely enjoing the life under him, he
brought me back grasping the seat right in front of me
choking on a memory I had when I was not listening to the man that was gonna..
ripping my coat off kneeling on the stool brought me to believe