Trying to get some input on this. It's basically the first complete song I've ever written. I have a feeling that the lyrics may be a bit generic, that's certianly something I have to work on. Already deleted lines like "full of regret", but there's still plenty more cliche's in there haha. One thing I've noticed already is the song doesn't have a really clear direction in where it's going (This is a huge problem), but just figured I'd post up what I have so far and hear what you guys think.

How does it feel the morning after?
In your gut you know it’s wrong
Way too late to go back now
You've made an art of sleeping around.

Of course you’re losing the games that you play
On this board and you can’t get away
There aren’t words for what
What I want to say.

Your killing us both
With each shot that you take
The chambers empty
But your head still aches

So drink up now
It will make it all go away
Your tab is running higher
And there’s no one there to pay

What a mistake
giving you the time of day
Wish I never met someone.
Who can say the things you say
It’s too late now
To get out of the way.
Another instance of the games
The games you like to play.

(Back to Verse)
Up the creek without a paddle
You’ve filled it up with tears of sorrow
Cant jump ship cause its not shallow

Spinning faster and faster around
Sink or swin now or I’m going drown
I’d scream in your ear you still won’t hear a sound

(Possible Break)
The window is where all hope ran out
Can’t reconcile and I’m full of doubt
Your not who I thought you were,
That’s apparent now
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