my birthday is coming up.. i can get a new guitar or an ipod nano..
guitar info: i currently have an axl marquee sro.. a really lame guitar
and for the guitar my parents would get me, i think it might be an epiphone casino, if i ask hard enough. btw, i already have an mp3 player.. but the battery last 3 hours.. and basically it sucks.

poll up soon..
probably guitar.
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Well thats a stupid question, your on ultimate GUITAR . com, of course everyones gonna say guitar!
I agree with Ebucra.

You're on UG, of course we will say that a guitar outweighs an i-pod Nano.

So, guitar.

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Sod Epiphone

Get a 2nd hand LTD or something

I've got an LTD MH-400 and I've never looked back
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Get the guitar. If you hang out on UG ...

Congratulations! You've been selected to receive 2 FREE ipod nanos!

sorry man, that ad still haunts my dreams. :[
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go to ultimateipod.com for different opinioins
I'd do me........

If it's an Epiphone Casino that they can get you, then by god ask for the guitar.
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