Where is the serial number on the body of newer Strats? I have one on the back of the headstock and want to make sure the body matches. (USA strat) Thanks.
it's on the front of the headstock, under the 'Fender' logo. nowhere else as far as i know.
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I thought I read somewhere that it's important to make sure that serial numbers of the neck and body match due to the bolt-on neck?

I have the one off the headstock, but I want to confirm it's not an American neck on a Mexican body, or something like that...
mine is on front too for what it is worth...in only say that because it is the made in mexico version
this brings up a good point because i have seen plently of 'U.S.' strats in stores but they only have the Fender logo and no serial number visible so I was always leary.
I'm sure someone on here can clarify this.
Mine is on the back of the headstock and starts with Z1 - that confirms American in 2001, but I can't be sure about the body without finding a matching serial number on it. I did a quick glance at it last night, but didn't see anything on the body. I wonder if I have to take the neck off and look at the part where it bolts onto the body?
^ yeah - looked at that last night, and again just now. Still it's not clear as to a serial number of the body - it just says to check the butt of the neck stock - if I already have a number off the headstock, I guess I don't need that, but it still does not prove you don't have an American neck and a Mexican body... ?

Or does it? Do they not interchange somehow?

Or is this much ado about nothing? Trying to sell my guitar and the potential buyer wants me to confirm that it's "all american"...
no, i think you have a really good point and i think it is a challenge for a lot of people, especially when trying to determine the authenticity of an older strat.

there was obviously a lot change and inconsistancy when CBS took over so that adds to it.

how many time have you been in a local music store and the guy tries to push an 'american' strat but something about it just isn't right (for the price they want). i also agree that checking the S# on the butt of the neck doesn't really do you any good. if there is a serial number on the body somewhere i would sure like to know about as well.

there are some very informed and knowledgeable folks on here so maybe someone has a better answer than i
^ That's my problem. I'm trying to sell it through Craigslist, so the guy wants me to confirm it's all on the up and up - can't say as I blame him one bit...
I can see your problem but I don't know how you can verify that the body and neck are all American. I have heard that there is some sort of pencil marking in the neck socket on the body but I think it identifies the person who put it together and maybe a date, so it won't prove a lot. I don't think it ties in with the serial number on the neck.

Maybe the Fender website can help, although it's not very likely in my experience. I emailed them recently to ask where I might find a particular model and they told me to phone around the dealers, not exactly helpful.
I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes.
- Jimi Hendrix
i own a 2007 american strat; when i ask by phone the local (italian) importer about registrations and so on, they asked me the serial (back of the headstock) ang gave me date of production, date of import and... date of purchase!!! it seems that the stores in italy inform the importer about dates and so on...

so they tell me everything correct: date of purchase, model, color, string gauges and so on.

furthermore... i don't know if there's another serial number on the body, but i will ask for you. i don't know if this applies everywhere, but here in italy it works.
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