So i just finished listening to all their albums started about 6 when i couldnt get to sleep this morning and im sat here wondering do they actually ever swear? the only one i remember is when Bon dropped the S bomb in "Rock 'n' Roll Singer" is it just me or is this the only song they blaspheme in?
Bon says "get your ****in jumbo jet off my airport" towards the end of Aint No Fun, and in live versions of Highway to Hell Bon often changed the lyrics from "mess me around" to "**** me around". Thats the thing though, anyone can get a laugh dropping the F Bomb or w/e, but to not swear at all and still come up with all this dirty **** that they do I think is pretty clever.
i've heard it in their live recordings i was mainly on about all their studio stuff

Also on a completely different note. ive got all their European releases and a copy of the TnT album, would it be worthwhile importing some of their Australian releases 'cos i am aware there are some tracks on those that arnt on others