quick why did it fail

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

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because people smuggled and made there own alcohol and it was hard to enforce
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Because it was an attempt to creat a drug free society, but there's never been a drug free society. That's why.
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Because everybody loves alcohol!

Indeed. It's like taking away oxygen. People rely on it so much.
dude it failed because the traders found underground routes and ways to get around it and when they realized they couldnt stop it so they let it go
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quick why did it fail

You mean this thread, right?
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Because Wikipedia and Google teamed up and beat it into submission.

And making it illegal doesn't cure alcoholics any more than making heroin illegal cures heroin addicts.
Because there was no courage crew to enforce it haha
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it was impossible to control plus people were making money off of its Illegality.
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the same reason the current war on drugs is failing, if people want to get fucked up they are going to do it regardless of the laws, all prohibition does is breed organized crime.
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