i have a Epiphone Firefly 30 dsp and it just seems to have too much bottom. i don't have a ton of knowledge when it comes to gear, but whether i'm using my strat or my les paul it just doesnt have any sparkle, or bright tone to it. just lots of bass. it's also hard to get good distortion out of it. it has a gain channel but the gain is too bright and the tone of the axe doesnt stick out. when clean, i can't get any distortion, unless i crank it up way too loud to be played outside of a studio. ( neighbors ) any help would be appreciated. DUANE LIVES
its a solid state so on the clean channel its not really going to get distortion ... i'd suggest getting a pedal to handle these needs (as your correct about the drive channel being lame)

and it is kind of bassy, to off set that id make sure you eq in this order (high to low) middle then treble then bass
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