I just had one delivered to my house right now as a birthday present from my aunt (I'm at school right now, looked at tracking information) and i was just wondering what everyone thought about this pedal. I've played it before and I liked it, and ive heard that its a tweaker pedal, so i was also wondering if anyone had any good settings for the Rat. Ittl be running with a Gibson LP Studio through the clean channel of a solid state combo amplifier. I've been running my Shotrod fuzz through it and getting some REALLY good tones out of it, so i have high hopes for the Rat. Opinions and settings welcome. Thanks very much.

PS. Just wondering, what should the signal chain be? usually im running Les Paul> Wah>Buffer>fuzz>amp. Where should the Rat go? Also I may be borrowing my other guitarist's phaser, a vintage MXR 100. Where would that fall in the chain? Thanks again.
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I don't know much about the rat, but i can answer your other question:

I'd probably put the Rat in before the fuzz. Then if you borrow the phaser (i'm guessing you meant MXR?) i'd recommend putting it after the fuzz. That's where i would put it anyway..

as a general rule the order that i'd put different FX is:

Compressors, Gates and EQ
Expression pedals and auto filters (Vol/Wah)
Octave FX
Modulation (Chorus, flange, phaser etc)
Ambient FX (Such as delay and reverb)
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um, i have a rat which i almost never use alone, usualy into an overdriven amp to go to eleven (think jack white death letter live esque tones). i turn the distortion and volume all the way up, and the filter a bit less then a quarter the way up. sounds great for that kind of stuff, id also imagine its fantastic for smooth distortion.