i have just invested in a new amp ( a peavey valveking 212).
i know it is capable of lots of different tone types, but in general, if i wanted a lovely blues tone, how should i set the nobs on the amp?
and whie i ask, what about a "slash tone", or a "mark knoffler tone?"

an ideas?? cheers
I don't have a valveking, sorry, but what kinda guitar do you primarily use? You won't get close to slash's tone without humbucking pickups and some distortion. his tone can be hard to match.

for any decent blues tone, use your neck pickup (the rhythm pickup) and roll your tone down a little bit. depending on how much dirt you want in your sound, and if you have a tube amp, dial in some more volume for overdrive, or just use a pedal.
thanks. my guitar is a les paul copy from a company called vintage - if that helps. anyway cheers
well so far as the EQ on your amp, you'll want your low/bass at somewhere like 7, push your mids anywhere from 8-10, and your highs 6-8 to suit your taste. Depending on what kind of blues you can dial in anywhere from none to a fair bit of gain. The neck pickup works well, but the bridge pickup does just as well.

So far as a mark knopfler tone, if you want his money for nothing sound, that's the bridge pickup, 8-9 for treble and mids and about 7 for bass, and a good bit of gain on it. If you're looking more for sultans of swing, thats almost no gain, 7-8 mids, 6-7 highs, 7-8 lows and probably neck pickup. Slash's sound would be a little higher gain, treble/bass at about 6-7 and mids at 7 and whichever pickup you want.....sweet child o mine is the neck pickup (for the intro at least) but it all depends.

Best thing to keep in mind, although its nice to have your idols' tone, it doesn't make you play any more like them =)
You trickey little monkey...

I thought you meant like different blues tones...
Well, for a standard kinda blues tone, you wanna boost the mids, and have the bass at anywhere from half way up to about 8. With the highs, do what you like. Because it comes down to how much you wan to cut through.
If you wanna go for an SRV tone, you wanna boost the bass rather than mids. Perhaps add a touch of reverb, and you're set to go. To get the growly overdriven tone, push amp to where it's breaking up, usually around 6-7-8.