I just started to sweep pick a couple days ago, and i have a pattern that i play, could anyone identify it for me?

also, could anyone give me any not to complicated patterns to play to get this down?
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Its an Emaj arpeggio.

Theres heaps of stuff for sweeping in the 'Advanced Techniques' subforum.
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this is a major shape rooted on the fifth string. you could take it pretty much anywhere on the fretboard.

when i started learning sweep picking, arpeggio if you must, it took a while just to get the method down. it's not every day that someone could successfully play an arpeggio without lessons or a teacher. just stick with it.

to get it down, first you should try a different starting point, try descending into it, and acsending back out, play it over and over again until you have at hand.

then move. say...


and learn some of your favorite artists' songs, that use this style of playing.

just to get something down that you are familiar with.
when you're doing that and trying to figure it out, just see what chord it looks like. For example, if you had done this with your chord, you probably would have found it to look similar in shape to a C, which is a major chord. Then look for the root note of the shape. In this case, E.