Since me and frusciante_50 are big RHCP fans, we've decided to record some improvised stuff together, and we've put it on our profiles lately. It's short and mostly improvised, so don't expect epic playing in harmonies etc.

Anyhow, we wanted to hear some opinions about it. There are two solos, the first is by frusciante_50 and second one is by me Any comments are welcomed.

You can find the thing either on my profile, or profile of frusciante_50


Well some of the licks are pretty nice, very chili-esque in places. The recording was a bit sketcht, and seemed to clip a bit in the second solo, unless that was just the distortion, but it didn't sound like it.
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Post in Original Recordings next time, you'll get more responses.

For what it's worth though, not bad. frusciante_50 needs to work slightly on the tuning of his bends, but pretty decent playing. Your playing was good but a little bland - try using more melodic phrasing. For new ideas try listening to Frusicante's playing on Second Walk, Inside A Break, or on 'Cereal Song' by The Bicycle Thief. See if you can find a bass player as well, it'll improve the track hugely. Hell, I'd happily have done some bass for ya, but at the moment I don't have one unfortunately.
cheers dude thanks for critting. I agree my playing is fairly bland, but it was all done in one take in a rush, so I just improved on the spot. zombiaks solo is more ordered which makes it better.

Cheers for the crit.