sorry if this is in a thread else where but i had to post this real quick before i headed off to work.

when i record, i use Adobe Audition. great program. heres the thing. there must be some kind of latency or lag or something because when i play back what i just recorded with the song, what i recorded is a fraction of a second behind it.

i thought, hey, simple fix, no problem. just synch it and cut a few seconds off the beginning of the recording.

nope, that didnt fix anything. it made it worse in fact. when i try and sync the song to the recording, now the recording is too fast

i know im playing in time with the song, i even tried using a metronome.

to record, im using a line 6 pocket pod plugged into the mic port in my sound card. i cant use the line in because im using an external sound card.

any help would be appreciated.


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Normally it takes a pretty expensive sound card to reduce the latency between you playing and it recording to a barely noticeable amount (as little as 2ms even). I've heard that the latency is reduced using ASIO sound drivers, which are usually only found on pretty buff sound cards.

Ive read that the program ASIO4ALL (http://www.asio4all.com/) can help reduce recording lag on most computers pretty well for free, but for some reason the program just makes my computer crash every time I try to use it. Its probably worth a shot anyway.

I've never used Adobe Audition though, when I use Audacity just sliding the recorded sound over a little can make it sync up pretty well.

I hope some of this helps
I use a program called Sony Acid Pro 6...which makes the latency barely noticible, well for my style of playing it does...not sure how much it costs though.
You're experiencing latency most likely because you are plugged into your stock soundcard. You should get a recording interface, to combat this.
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