Schecter Diamond C-7 Hellraiser BCH, E-Guitar, Mahogany Body, 3-pcs. Mahogany Neck, Rosewood Fretboard, 24 Jumbo Frets, Abalone Gothic Cross Inlays, TonePros Bridge, String-through-Body, Grover Tuners, Black Pearl Binding, 2 x EMG 707 Humbuckers, black Chrome Hardware, Color: Black Cherry


Ibanez XPT707FX-GCM, 7-string E-Guitar, X-Series Xiphos, Mahogany Body, Maple Top, 5-pcs Walnut/Mahogany thru-neck, Rosewood Fretboard, 24 Jumbo Frets, reversed Sharktooth Inlays, Gibraltar Custom-7 Bridge, black Cosmo Hardware, DiMarzio DiActivator7 Humbuckers, Colour: Grey Chameleon, incl. Case & Strap


What too choose D=

Also, anyone know what the neck lengths are on these two?
Hellraisers are phenomenal guitars.
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The Hellraiser.
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I vote for the Ibanez on the strength of the neck.

If you like thin necks, please don't buy the Schecter, it'll feel like a log with frets on it in comparison.
i do love ibanez

but the hellraiser is just such a coool guitar! i meen it doesnt need the crazy shape to be cool, it just is, in the red! yeah, kk hellraiser

im so sorry ibanez, i feel so dirty
Well, would the price-difference justify eventual better hardware (D-activators better than EMG707s?)?

Or does it come down to what neck I prefer?
Neck. The D Activators are superior, but that's just my opinion. They're far less sterile.

But seriously, the neck difference is enormous. I suggest you try them both out.
Yeah, you must try both out. If you like thin necks, the Ibanez is better, but for a thicker neck, go with the Hellraiser. Also you might not like the Xiphos body.
Dean MS STD V w/ Dimebucker
Dean ML '79
Jackson DKMGT
Randall RG75
Peavey Bandit 112
Boss NS-2
Any noticable difference between the TonePros bridge and the Gibraltar Custom7 bridge?
just got a c7 over a xiphos..i actually tried a PRS before the hellraiser and the build quality and finish were on a par. Pickups suck balls and tuning and intonation are an issue so expect to get sperzels, earvana nut and bareknuckles lol. You can always tell a good electric by playing it acoustically...and this thing sounds amazing unplugged

It is a big chunk of wood but if you are relying on a wizard neck to play fast you need to work on your technique.
i vote for the xiphos, its very comfortable to play, nice fluid neck as well, its thin, but not uber-thin.
I'd go with the Ibanez... even though it doesnt come with EMG's ( )