Hey, I've decided my sound is starting to sound a lil stale and lifless and hate trying to find sounds on my amp cos i always end up hating them the next day, so tell me how you hve your amp dailed in and ill give ago i wanna try sound fresh sounds and experiement.

Thanks in advance =]
treble mid bass volume reverb
9 6 4 4 10

i have a fender FM212R
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Sovtek Mig-50
1979 Marshall 1960A (original Greenbacks)
this is my first setting, pretty simple and good, for a bit though


i have a little 5 watt thing going ;lol
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Okay, I have a BC Rich warlock with fairly crappy BC rich BDSM P-Ups, plugged directly in a Peavey rage 158 solid state amp. I play anything from metallica to death, cannibal corpse thru amon amarth. I use the bridge pickup, and the amp is as follow :
Pre gain : max Post gain : w/e volume I want it
EQ : Vintage Low : Max Mid: 2-4 high: 7-10
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well that sounds nice and fuzzy try rolling the tone all the way down perfect for muse if you put the gain all the way up=D
Cheers guys its got me experimenting a bit more now thats all i wanted cheers=) and its good to see that not everyone has uniforn tones.
Gain: 8-9
Treble: 9
Mids: 6
Bass: 7

But it still sucks.

By the way, there's a thread for this in GG&A.
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Mids: 5/12 (my amp/speaker combo has alot of natural mids, so I had to dial them down)
Treble: 6/12
Presence: 3/12

And with gain, I usually set it to 8/12 with my modded tubescreamer boosting the volume with a bit of gain.
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