i have the peavey windsor head which can be selected to put out 4,8 or 16, ohms. I have to 4 ohm cabs with 1 iput on each, and my head has 2 outputs. if they are both 4 ohm cabs and i am using both of them, one on each output of the amp, I should set the amps ohm output to 4 ohms right?
i got confused reading that, but if the head has a lower output than the cab, you will be all set.
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yah sorry i was afraid of that, i just want maximum power from the amp. i can switch the amp to put out 4, 8, 0r 16 ohms. and i have to cabs that are 4 ohms. can i plug both of the cabs into the head and set the head to 4 ohms?
Yes, both outputs should be 4 ohms then and match each cab.
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