Looking for any info about these two guitars in comparison. if you have heard or played both that would be perfect, but anything would help me decide which to buy.
never played the DX1, but my friend has that model Tak and i really like it. It plays well, looks great, and sounds great plugged in.
i hear great things about the Tak, all i have heard of the martin is that its great value but nothing more.
isnt it a popular guitar? theyre both dreadnought but id like the one with a nicer ring.
Just had a chance to play that tak today, it had a great ring I liked it a lot.
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the martin X series isnt very popular around this forum. the main reason is that you're basically paying for a guitar made of a particle board countertop-like material in the texture of drywall. durability is an issue if you dont keep it in the right humidity as well.

on the good side, however, is that they're supposed to sound quite good.

i would go with the takamine to be honest. i dont think you're really getting your money's worth on the martin. not when it's made of HPL.
i did hear of a dx1 cracking at the neck hear in milwaukee, i am able to get them for about the same price though...
The Martin really isn't good value at all. As said, it uses HPL which is worse than your average laminate. Your paying a lot for the "martin' logo on the headstock.