I inherited a guitar the otherday. For those who are going to ask, I'm going to post this in bold, I DO NOT HAVE PICS DUE TO NOT OWNING A DIGITAL CAMERA. It's a stratocaster copy made by Epiphone. It has three singlecoil pickups but is routed to fit H/S/H, 8 hole pickguard, that nice smooth 50's fiesta red paint job. The neck is maple as is the fingerboard (fingerboard is a separate piece of wood). frets and everything are fine. doesn't look played very much. The headstock shape is that of an explorer and instead of the full name "Epiphone", the headstock simply reads "Epi" in the exact same cursive style and even features their distinct 'E' logo. Tunning keys were crap so I took them off and am about to replace them. Not so sure I didn't also take off the original strings on it too.

I plugged it in and it just didn't have that nice crisp clear sound that you expect strats of any kind to have, instead it had much more bass end punch to it. I took off the pickguard and took a look inside the cavities and I could see that the wood was layered and felt really rough like. I don't know much about wood types and stuff but I'm not so sure it isn't a plywood guitar. When I say layered though, I mean like thin ass layers of wood glued on top of one another. I at least counted like 9 strips and theres bound to be more. I could be wrong but I'm not sure. does it sound like it's possibly a plywood guitar? if so, what can I do to make it sound better?
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its plywood

you can make it sound better by replacing it

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Sell it on Ebay.
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