would sound better with better recording equipment, but other than the quality i think its very good, good job
recording is crappy yeah, but you already know that so other than that your playing sounds good. i love that song and i think you did a good job with it. with good recording equipment this could be a really solid cover but even still its not bad at all.
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You actually did a real good job. Where was the harmonica solo though?
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you should try to EQ the track and see if you can get the mud and bass out some.

playing sounds great.

MF is having a huge sale right now on recording gear, you could get a toneport for real cheap


the toneports crash all the time with vista so stay away if you have that OS but other than that it will be better than what you have now.

the UX2 is a good deal but you could get the better Mackie onyx Satellite for the same price.
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