First off I'd like to apologize if this has been asked 2,000 times.

I've been playing for about a month now. I understand that progress takes a long time, but I feel that the progress that I have made is just so minor and insignificant. I can do some simple chord changes (not very fast, but I can do them) and I can play some small riffs that my teacher gave me to practice. My teacher says I'm progressing a little faster than many of his students, but I can't help but feel that I'm terrible at this. It's also very discouraging to hear people say "I've only been playing for a year so I'm not very good." After a year of playing I want to feel that I have some amount of skill.

On to the point. How long did you play before you actually felt you were a pretty good guitar player? How long did you practice each night? One last thing I want to know, is the progress made in the second year more than that of the first? Do you become, for lack of a better term, exponentially better as time goes on?

tl;dr - How long before you were confident enough to play in front of someone without being obligated to say "I've only been playing for x amount of time so I still suck."?

(Sorry for the long post)
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dont give up
you sound like me.
i made good progress, but i didnt feel i was getting anywhere.
so i basically quit but didnt, i still had lessons, but never played guitar except in lessons, thus, never improving.

i did that for a year.
keep at it mate,
youll get there
I wouldn't worry to much about progress within the first couple months of playing. Honestly, you have a teacher, which is better than most beginners can say, and Imo progress compared to other players does not matter. If you do practice and try you will make progress. The most important thing IMO is to have fun playing no matter what, if you don't then why are you even playing in the first place. Practice what you want and set goals for what you want to be able to do. No one else can tell you how far along you should be, because frankly, there is no timescale that relates to skill except that the longer you play the better you will get.

And yes, also, at least I have found that the longer I play, the easier it is for me to learn new things.
ive only been playin bout a year and a half myself...been seriously playing for bout 5 months. i didnt get to that point until about a month ago. if i woulda practiced more diligently i think it wouldnt have taken no more than a year. i ddnt have lessons either... aso ive met people who play like professionals and have only been playing for like 2 years. so just keep practicing everyday and youll get to that point before you even realixe it.
Don't worry about how you're progressing. If you like playing guitar, play it a lot. Don't force yourself to play for longer than you want to, because you're just going to burn yourself out.

The more you worry about how good you are, the less you'll enjoy playing, at least until you're good enough to hold your own in a band situation. If there's a time to worry about how much you're progressing, it's a lot farther down the road then where you're at right now.
Thanks for the information.

The only reason I worry about how fast I progress is because I imagine I'd be having more fun if I could play a song I like. I do have fun just messing around with it as it is, but being able to not suck would be even better. :P
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I've been playing for a year and I can play a lot of hard stuff that other people can't. but It's because I tried practicing hard and all the time. pretty much the entire time I've been playing the guitar I have practiced more than 1 hour a day and now I am still playing about 2 hours a day it's just working at it you'll have times where you don't wanna play but you gotta force yourself to do it or you lose interest...
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AT first it is really slow to progress, after that once the movement of your hands becomes used to the guitar, the progress will be WAY more rapid. That is until you hit a spot in which you are almost up there. Once you reach that point, speed is not longer what needs to be improved. Thats when you start looking for patterns all over the fretboard. The progress now starts in your musicality. My technique for example is flawless, my musicality still average. I recommend you practice technique first. And a lil bit of scales and stuff.