People who lie about their gear/skill.

I was looking through a "rate my gear!" thread and came upon this post. The dude proceeds to list an amazing collection of gear, and then you get to his sig:

I lol'd. Anyone else have any blatantly obvious lies that occured on UG?
who cares?
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This day will go down in Lulzfamy.

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You should've told me this around the time of ummmmm......never, when I might have cared.
I don't like people who lie at all.
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You know you're in the drug thread when you see pictures of squash and "tuna nigga!" when you click the page.
You had me at I hate People.
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You should be careful what you say. Some asshole will probably sig it.

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Yup, a girl went up to me in my fursuit one time.

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I can fap to this. Keep going.
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You had me at I hate People.

he had me at "iHat"


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Your just a boring boffin who wants to show off that he can play a guitar and knows the names of some instruments. You also just made a thread to see how many posts you would get. You're a joke.
It drives me bananas when people post videos of them on youtube playing like Freebird and then they write the description as " Dont flamez plz cuz i onlah ben plahin lyke 3 weaks and i dun no taht m0ch" and then proceed to tear the song up, odviously they have been playing more than 3 weeks and that throws off beginner guitar players because they think their not going to pick it up , just because some kid on youtube can lie about everything.