I finally had to turn to the Pit for help because I can't find this damn video.

It's a music video for the rap song where the guy just mumbles the whole thing. There's no actual words; the guy just mumbles. It's pretty catchy. That's all I remember about it.

I don't know if anyone remembers it, but if they do and could link me or give me the name of it, I'd appreciate it.
Someone shoot him!
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seriously, i almost pissed myself!
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this is UG
of course they're going to say
0H it'5 @ jAcK50l\l!??!?!
iT i5 TeH p\/\/naG3!!!

but yeah its fine
This is a perfect opportunity for a Rick Roll. But that song is actually pretty catchy.
How is that catchy in the least?
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This day will go down in Lulzfamy.

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