I had this crazy idea in school today that I could install a mirror on my guitar.

I have an old crappy Squier Strat and I was wondering, would it be possible to take off the neck and all the hardware, sand down the body about 1/8", and mount a strat-shaped mirror (that would have to be custom-cut by me) to the body of the guitar, and re-install all the hardware and the neck.

It sounds kind of funky, but I think sanding down the body would make room for the mirror plating (for lack of a better word), and the mirror could possibly be screwed to the body of the guitar, and holes drilled through for mounting the hardware back on.

I think it'd look awesome.

Is this at all possible?
Mirror pickguard?
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That would look cool, and being an old one you shouldn't have too worry about being experimental. But I do think SupremeACL (is it for Austin City Limits?) has a good idea, do it for a pickguard. That would look awesome too.
I wanna go for the whole front of the body, but if that doesn't look like it's gonna work out then the pick guard will be good.
YOu have to think about the curvs of the strat too. I don't know a whole lot about shaping glass, but I'd say it will be hard to make it bend
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I'm pretty sure it would bend with heat, and all I'd have to curve is the part where your forearm rests.

Im most concerned about how it would sound, and how likely it would be that it would crack.
Heating it could warp the reflection...I don't know, go for it. I don't think it would break very easily if you didn't F around with it too much.
I have too much gear to fit!