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i really love Mingus.
....alot, in fact i cant find a single song of his i dont like.
anyway, today my college had this jazz festivalthing goin on.
and there were a ton of high school and middle school jazz bands doing their thing and i realized how much i love big band stuff, and that thats what mingus wrote for.
so can i get some suggestions on composers to check out?
stuff like that
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The Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra

Bob Mintzer Big Band

Mike and Randy Brecker (Some Skunk Funk LIVE)

Wayne Bergeron (Plays Well With Others)

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i dont know any thing to help you...but i feel i have to say this, like my right to brag or something like that but, my Grand dad started the first New Zealand Jazz big band and help start the New Zealand jazz and blues fesstival. lol sorry.

but i could ask him for some names!
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You can't beat the Count Basie Big Band. Check out Chairman Of The Board or just about any of his albums. Rhythm section is awesome and the brass section can really burn. Definitely worth listening to.