its it good for all sounds? Metal, Cleans, Blues, ect? or is it only good for one or the other? Im thinkin about thrownin one in my valveking when i got some extra cash, also do you have to break speakers in before the sound there best?
It's not good for all sounds. It's good for metal, pretty good for cleans, rather poor for blues IMO. It has a big mid spike and the treble can get harsh, but with the right amp it sounds pretty good. I've noticed that it only sounds spiky and bad at higher volumes, so if you're not going to be cranking the amp you might be ok.
Yes, speakers do need to be broken in. They get much smoother and warmer after being broken in.
It depends on your amp. I had an avatar cab with one vintage 30 and one g12h30 with an orange rocker 30. And then I sold that and got a cab with both vintage 30s and the tone is incredible. The mids really cut through and mine are not harsh one bit.