My indie track. Everything is played/programmed by me. Think, Arctic monkies?

Please listen in my profile. "Money Money"

As always, leave me a link, and I'll def check out your song.

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Wow, weird, thats the first thing that hit me a bit. Sweet bass playing, are you a Pixie's fan because I get a real " Tony's Theme" type of deal from this song. Its pretty cool, but you can definetely get why it wouldn't be someones cup of tea.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
The chorus was good musically, the two voices worked really well, but the vocals didn't blend into the mix well. As far as that goes, the vox were too loud and so was the guitar, and the drums were too quiet.

I'm not massive fan of kind of spoken verses like that, but w.e I guess you did it well. The music was good, although you should probably pick out a seperate solo section than just going at all through the song, it gets a little tiring.

good song overall though.

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Pretty good on-the-whole! Sounds very professional to me - great vocals and good guitar tone/playing throughout. Your bass playing was really great. I think it sounds very well-produced. Maybe the drums could be a tad louder in the mix though. Like sam i am, I'm not really a fan of spoken verses however it was spoken enthusiastically enough to keep my interest.

The chorus was good and I particularly liked the harmonies (or counter-melody) in the vocals. There's not much to change really. I didn't really like the 'laugh' at about the 2 minute mark but that's about it. Not really my style but it was a well-though-out/structured song and it seems like you've put a lot of time into it.

Mind critting something of mine?
thanks in advance!
Money Money:

I liked the vocal, it was very individualistic.

The backing vocals sound parts sound slightly messy because they're a bit out of sync with the guitar chords.

The guitar with the harmonics in the verses were great. Top notch guitar playing. Ditto the strings. The drums sounded a little quiet, but then it sort of worked with the rest of the tracks in the lo-fi context.

Overall, a very solid piece of work. Good job
Thanks guys for the great feedback!!! I know that spoken verse isn't everyones cup of tea, but I decided I'd try something new. lol I thought my fake crappy English accent would make it amusing enough to hear haha!!

Good Charlotte Sux: Hmm I've never actually listened to them, but now I will check them out.

Sam I am: I know what you mean, i thought I would keep the vocals sounding raw, if you know what I mean? I guess I should have compressed it more.

BrainApocalypse: Thnx! Did you also take a load of the synth lead during the bridge, as well as pre-last chorus. It sounds kinda like guitar but its synth with amp simulation.

Instantly, I thought this sounded really unique. Love the vocals, all around. i especially love the chorus. The harmonies sound awesome there. The accent is really fun to listen to. The quality sounds great. Nothing to complain about, a really interesting song.

Thanks for the comment on mine!
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Sam I am: I know what you mean, i thought I would keep the vocals sounding raw, if you know what I mean? I guess I should have compressed it more.

maybe not compression, you just need to get the levels sorted out a bit.