I'm a newbie on the newbie forums, and realized, as a guitarist of 2 1/2 years, that the only way to further my playing at this point is to better understand how rhythms work, and how to sight read. After band practice the other day I realized how serious it was for me to do this if I am to become a really amazing guitarist (like john petrucci and marty freidman.) I have a great understanding of theory (take the music theory class in school ) and I used to sight read trumpet in my younger days. My buddy, who is amazing, inspired me to try to rise up to his caliber (again). I need some kind of method to help me understand rythym (if I read a rythym, it will take me a while to play it the right way) and sight read at a much higher caliber. Are there any suggestions for doing this?

Will one of the fabled "berklee books" (as I'm most likely applying for it for college) help me?

A Modern Method for Guitar Vol. 1 - http://www.amazon.com/Modern-Method-Guitar/dp/0793545110