The bassist in my band recently switched to guitar, and we have three guitarists now. He doesn't want to go back to bass, and finding a song to play is really hard. I usually write metal songs with three guitars, but our drummer can't do double bass drumming.

So does anyone know of any three guitar songs that don't need double bass drumming?
Anything by Lynyrd Skynyrd or Radiohead potentially has three guitars, is potentially well-known (and thus will be recieved well by an audience) and will also potentially be fun and/or fufilling to play as a musician. I can't honestly be bothered going and listening to check which songs, but check them out.
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There's a tab for the solo on here, I could tell you the chords if you like.
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tell if he doesnt play bass hes out
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tell if he doesnt play bass hes out

Seriously, this guy is going to cause more problems later. Pretty soon he'll wanna sing have all the solos get all the royalties etc. tell him to go back to 4 strings or start his own band.
That's kinda stupid. Tell him to play bass or leave because 3 guitars will be hard to work with. You're already having trouble finding songs...
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That's kinda stupid. Tell him to play bass or leave because 3 guitars will be hard to work with. You're already having trouble finding songs...

tell him to take a hike, and come back with a bass or not at all.
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Viscara (my band)
avenged sevenfold have parts with rythm, and two harmony guitars in alot of their songs. they sound good, and need three guitars
maylene and the sons of disaster... use to have 3 recently did a HUGE lineup format...
Iron Maiden!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: lol didnt see that fuzzy bear sed the same thing lol, Fuzzy Bear! i like ur style hahaha
The new Maiden. Then have 3 guitarists now. Wait, y'got a bassist?
wowwwwww. this dude can't just be like "oh yeah, i don't wanna play bass anymore. we have to play songs with 3 guitars."
Don't Stop Believing
By Journey

3 guitars a piano, maybe a bass and a good vocalist and it sounds iight
If you can get another bassist, no problem having three guitars.

If you can't, no matter how good the stuff you write with three guitars is, overall the music will be ****e, because you'll have no low end and nothing to lock drums/guitars together.
The Receiving End Of Sirens is (was) a band with three guitars, kinda prog punk I guess, strong melodies, huge sound. Pretty amazing actually. I'd definatley reccomend them for your situation
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